streamside organics farm crew andy

Delivery Driver, Farm hand

He is the guy you’ll see behind the wheel of the delivery truck: having recently moved to the South Island with his family (his wife is, in fact, Dominique’s sister, which makes him part of the Streamside family in more ways than one!), we quickly snapped up this capable, strong and hardworking bloke before he got claimed by some other business with a shortage of human resources. Andy has proved his worth many times over, not only clocking some serious miles in the truck doing multiple trips to and from the city almost on a daily basis, but also helping out on the farm moving our cloth covers around and spending hours weeding. I can’t tell you what backbreaking work both these tasks are, so on behalf of all the crew, we thank you Andy!


A common theme among many of the crew members is that none of us saw ourselves as professional vegetable farmers. I mean, was that even an option in school when we were put through the torture of trying to align our entire future with one career we thought we would enjoy? Andy joins us in this category: his dream job was to be a proper radio disc jockey, blessing listeners with the dulcet tones of his soothing voice. And he certainly achieved that: for 23 years, Andy talked people through their day and even won awards for it! But the move down south and the experience of working out here in the quiet countryside, being in touch with nature, tending to vegetables; it has shown him that his next calling is, undoubtedly, a firefighter. And to that we say: “cool goal Andy”, but we all know the farm doesn’t just let people move on that quickly. So, he has contented himself with volunteering at the Lincoln Fire Brigade, in addition to looking after 3 beautiful young children – Andy sure is a busy man! But he certainly doesn’t let this slow him down: if we ever need anything done, Andy will somehow find time to fit it in, no matter how much else he has got on his plate!