Farm Crew, pro weeder

Having Roberto on the team has further increased our already culturally diverse group. Being Italian, we always love hearing his traditional Mediterranean recipe ideas (however, it’s never a good idea to ask such questions when lunchtime is hours away!). Having a keen passion for gardening and growing amazing, nutrient dense foods, Roberto’s enthusiasm is invigorating for us all. Straight out of school (so to speak) and equipped with all the knowledge that the BHU (Biological Husbandry Unit) in Lincoln has to offer, his questions and ideas have helped the rest of us learn interesting little tidbits about sustainable yet productive methods of farming. Roberto is a key member of the harvest crew and is also one of our pro weeders – spending hours on hands and knees carefully weeding the miniscule carrot and onion crops.

Working on the farm 3 days a week gives Roberto the flexibility to manage his plot at the BHU (growing yet more vegetables!!) and volunteer at the community gardens in New Brighton. Aside from that, Roberto teaches Italian, loves reading, and has set his mind to learning Te Reo Māori… becausespeaking three languages isn’t enough, apparently!