Box Shares

What are they?

They are 13 Weeks of Organic Goodness, delivered right to your door without you having to think about it.  

We love that you are here and want to ensure you that if you decide to support us by investing in our Box shares that we will look after you and deliver fresh organic produce to you each week for 13 weeks!

How great is that?

We have 4 different boxes for the 4 seasons of the year

SPRING Box Share - Starts week of the Spring Equinox

SUMMER Box Share - Starts week of the Summer Solstice

AUTUMN Box Share - Starts week of the Autumn Equinox

WINTER Box Share - Starts week of the Winter Solstice


Once you have selected your box and filled out your details we will contact you to confirm your subscription


What you get with your box:

- Certified Organic produce

- Weekly farm updates via email

- Storage tips on how to best look after your vegetables

- Recipe ideas and original recipes created by Noemie & Pedro

- Forecast on your next box so you can plan ahead

- Connection with your farmers and food

- First to be invited to farm events

- First to receive new items of the season 

- First to receive abundance



We ask that by signing up you commit to 13 weeks of vege boxes throughout the season.

In saying that, we know that paying upfront is not affordable for everyone.

If you need payment options please email us to let us know.



We collaborate with Ashley River Organics who provide Apples and Pears when available.

If you would like an add on please select this option. If the fruit becomes unavailable at all during the season we will do our best to substitute with spray free fruit or provide a credit.


We use Ideliver to deliver our produce to Christchurch City. They are an amazing team and we are able to get these boxes to you for minimal rates to Christchurch and surrounding areas.

Please select your delivery location


Think you are ready to give it a go?

 Click on the box above for the season we are in. 


Thank you for supporting your local farmers!

The Streamside Organics Team