Farmers Markets

Streamside organics stall at Christchurch Farmers market

You will find us every weekend at Farmers Markets around Christchurch. This is how we started selling our vegetables to you and we look forward to seeing your shining faces each time.

Your support come rain and shine is inspirational and even though the winter can be cold, dark and wet, and the summer hot, bright and windy, we still make it each and every time to present our veggies to you, to chat about how you cook them, to discuss organics, growing, recipes, and to get to know you more each week.

Our faces may come and go and Dominique and Logan are guest appearances (it is always so great to have them at the market but they are busy farmers growing the tasty veggies). 

Find us at:

Christchurch Farmers Market - Saturday 9am-1pm

South Christchurch Farmers Market - Sunday 9am-12pm


Streamside Organic Market stall at South Christchurch MarketStreamside Organics at Christchurch Farmers Market