What is 'Spray Free' produce and why is it in my box?

We are now farming more acreage at Streamside. We have taken on more land in order to let our main farm rest and regenerate, whilst still supplying all our wonderful customers. This will ensure the soil stays healthy and full of life for future use.

Our new block of land is on track to be Certified Organic by the end of the year. In the meantime we are selling produce from that land as 'Spray Free'. 
As a general descriptor in the horticulture industry 'Spray Free' indicates that the crop has not been sprayed with any synthetic pesticides. However, it isn't a strictly defined term like Certified Organic.
For us 'Spray Free' means the crop has been grown organically, in an identical way to our certified organic crops. So, if you see an item listed as 'Spray Free' rest assured it has been grown the same as always, by us, here at Streamside Organics.

If you have any questions about 'Spray Free' produce please email us at veggies@streamsideorganics.co.nz