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Hakurei turnips, or better known here as salad turnips, are a Japanese variety that are sweet and mild. Also called baby turnips, they are a member of the Brassica family, with small, round white roots in the same shape as beetroot, topped by lovely edible greens. Unlike the larger varieties of turnip, which can taste quite spicy and usually necessitate cooking, the smaller salad turnip is mild and enjoyable raw or cooked- hence the name, as it is delicious raw in salads. 
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To Prepare:
Cut the green tops from the roots. Wash both greens and roots well to remove dirt, then allow to dry; an absorbent tea towel works great. If you're using the greens and roots straight away, you're all set to traverse some of the recipe ideas just below. If you're planning to only use one or the other now, hold off on washing, and instead read further for tips on the best manner to store.
  Streamside Organics Salad Turnip
To Cook:
Recipe inspiration for raw salad turnips, which tend to be mild and fairly sweet, with just a hint of that traditional radish bite:
-Sliced as part of vegetable crudite platter
-Use in place of crackers with cheese 
-Grate and toss with lemon juice and oil for a super quick side
-Chop and mix into a green salad
-Make quick salt pickle
-Winter slaw with carrot, parsley and pumpkin seeds
-Add into a ferment like kimchi
-Crunch into a whole one as a snack with salt and pepper
Streamside Organics Salad Turnip recipe  Streamside Organics Salad Turnip recipe
Ideas for cooked dishes:
-Toss them on the grill, then drizzle with olive oil and fresh herbs
-Braise along with their greens
-Glaze with miso butter (see recipe archives for Miso Butter Radishes)
-Simply sautèed with garlic
-Roast the roots, and make a dipping pesto with the greens
-Pan-cooked turnips with ginger and tamari
-Turnip, beetroot, and potato salad
-Winter bowls with roasted turnips, greens, chickpeas, quinoa-rice mix, and a mustard sauce
-Add the greens to any dish where you're using silverbeet or kale
-Chop and sautè roots and greens, and mix through a nutty pasta
-Roast with pumpkin and potato
-Make savoury turnip hand-pies
-Add to hearty slow cooker stews, both roots and greens
-Mix the greens with ricotta or cashew cheese for stuffed ravioli or lasagna
-Slice thinly and add to okonomiyaki 
-Bake and enjoy with a creamy sauce
-Roast and sprinkle with parsley and mustard vinaigrette
Streamside Organics Salad Turnip recipe Streamside Organics Salad Turnip recipe
To Store:
Salad turnips should be stored unwashed in a bag in the drawer of your refrigerator. Store greens separately, wrapped in a tea towel or plastic bag- you'll want to use these sooner than later, as the greens don't keep as well.
Streamside Organics Salad Turnip  Streamside Organics Salad Turnip
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