Urge to eat rising...? The good guys or the bad guys.

Oh, hi winter. Didn’t see you there. No, I wasn’t ignoring you. The sun was in my eyes. 


I’m calling it. Best autumn in the 03, ever. Why so confident? In years passed I was out each night training for the CHCH marathon with the rest of the nutters. We’d nod as we passed each other, as if the presence of another frozen popsicle person made it alright. Sane even.  

One memorable Queens Birthday we even toed the line with snow falling about our heads. It's a sport, not a symptom of lost marbles, contrary to the evidence. That chilly bite I remember so well has finally arrived. I am wistful of all those past frozen training sessions while this balmy season I’ve been warming the bench. 


With the arrival of snow on the hills comes the insatiable urge to eat everything. Especially the energy dense foods. The body wants its extra layer for winter. Back in those Marathon days I was a snug 76kg. Ideal for running and fitting into overhead compartments. I am now a comfy 96kg. How do I break it to my body that it still has its last 3 winter coats on? I don’t want to. I have made a career out of how much I love eating.  

With a body that refuses to gallop up hills anymore and a metabolism in decline, I’ve had to do some math.   

I went through the process of calculating how much energy I was taking in each day. It was eye opening/watering. ‘Good food’ I had subbed for bad was blowing my kilojoule budget. Example. A bowl of muesli with fruit after dinner, instead of dessert. With a little coconut yoghurt. Peanut butter is considered healthy now, right? Gainz Brah! Well, peanut butter is 50% fat. It’s the 25% protein weightlifters like. I was making all the wrong ‘gainz’, with best intentions. 

My mistake was labelling food ‘Good’ and ‘bad’. Turns out it isn’t a very helpful frame of mind when it comes to diet. I’d taken some skewed data and run with it. Cognitive dissonance anyone?   

“Carbs are the enemy + there are good fats = me forgetting how energy dense olive oil is. Roast spuds. Always in oil. I can’t remember the last time I just boiled them.   

And those spuds, with the bad reputation? Surprisingly few calories. No fat. It’s what we do with them while we’re cooking them that is the problem. Cheeses and sauces and fats, oh my. It’s all the added bollocks that makes them delicious and the diets devil. The healthy salads? Yeah nah. The dressing sunk that ship. I should have known. I was enjoying them far too much. The next step was realizing that the ‘good meals’ were in far too large a portion.   

The answer to this conundrum is a little math, some honest reporting and that vege box that turns up every week. Yes, even the potatoes. So many of those vege fill you up without blowing the calorie budget. The organic produce is so flavorful, they don't need all those Pedro additives. And the final step? Less pints and more exercise. Baby steps...

 From the box

  • Kale chips w/ garlic oil, w/ radish, carrot and coriander salsa 
  • Golden beets and radish falafel fritter w/ greens, toasted sunflower seeds and soy reduction 
  • Kale lasagne w/ caramelized onion, carrot strips and tomato lentils 
  • Pickled golden beetroot w/ginger, cumin and coriander 
  • Kung pao brussels sprouts https://cookieandkate.com/kung-pao-brussels-sprouts-recipe/
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