Organic Farming

Why we grow organic!

Growing organically means no pesticides or chemically produced fertilisers are used in the production of the vegetables. This means we look after our high-quality, nutrient dense soils. We farm with the utmost care and respect. When you buy our vegetables, you are supporting our goal of farming sustainability and in doing so, helping us do our bit for the planet.

There are many reasons why eating organic is beneficial for you and for the environment. Below are some of the main reasons and we hope they resonate with you.

We have grown organically from the beginning and have been certified for most of the time. The certification means that we must adhere to strict regulations to ensure that everything we do is classified as organic.

We want to farm organically as this has the added benefit of being better for us as farmers but more importantly it is better for you as the consumer. You know that you are getting the most natural produce that you can.

And guess what!

It tastes so much better! 

  1. Protect future generations throughout the world
  2. Pay the real cost of real food
  3. Have an independent guarantee with organic certification
  4. Protect water quality
  5. Enjoy great flavour and nutrition
  6. Keep chemicals off your plate and out of your body
  7. Reduce global warming and save energy
  8. Prevent soil erosion
  9. Help small farmers
  10. Help restore and maintain biodiversity

See our Organic Certificate