Why Organic?

Transforming a 1-acre vision into a sprawling 50-acre organic haven since 2014.

Spraying synthetic chemicals onto our food and onto our land never made sense to Dominique and Logan. So, after growing a backyard full of produce for a friend and chef, they decided to go all in.

Ten years have passed since then, and that backyard has grown to a working farm with over twenty staff. A lot has changed, but principles and passion still remain.

Our dedicated team, led by Dominique and Logan, brings fresh organic produce to your doorstep with our weekly veggie box deliveries. Growing organically means no pesticides or synthetic fertilizers are used in the production of the vegetables.

This means we look after our high-quality, nutrient dense soils. We farm with the utmost care and respect. When you buy our vegetables, you are supporting our goal of farming sustainability and in doing so, helping us do our bit for the planet.