Angus team member at Streamside Organics

Wash Pad Pro

Angus has been a key player in equalising the gender ratio here on the farm. Not only useful for his superior strength, Angus is a machine out in the paddock. Harvesting the range of different veges we grow here on the farm can be really hard to wrap one’s head around – so many different techniques and methods… yet that certainly didn’t slow Angus. Having discovered a career in academia wasn’t the direction he wanted to go at this stage in his life, Angus looked for a different path to make his mark on the world… and certainly found it here on the farm! His harvest skills are impressive for sure, but the wash pad is where Angus spends a lot of his time, and I tell you what, he has certainly got a VERY efficient system! Ensuring our produce is clean and presentable is integral to the farm philosophy, and thanks to Angus, we never need to worry about rogue flecks of mud on our veges!

Always quick with a joke or quip, the lunch table is a great source of entertainment with Angus around. Being a gentle soul, most of his free time is spent reading and delving into philosophical thoughts that, when explained to me, hurt my brain and force me to reconsider how I view the world! So, smart, fast and efficient would be the three words to sum up the steady and reliable presence that is Angus!!