Quiet, unassuming, yet a total legend: Caroline flies under the radar, but we would be on struggle street without the help of this wonderful woman! Caroline bounces around the jobs on the farm with the best attitude – she enjoys the sunshine on a cold frosty morning rather than complaining about the cold; she endures hours lifting heavy crates and getting soaked on the wash-pad, and comes in with a beatific smile… Caroline is the kind of person who quietly brings up morale with a good laugh and endless positive affirmations.

A huge help out in the paddock, we have to fight with the pack shed crew to keep her longer… but my word is she a star at the processing and packing end of the farm: efficient on the wash-pad, a professional bagger of salads and an absolute all-star at packing the weekly vege boxes… we couldn’t be more grateful Caroline decided to join the team here!


Outside of work hours, Caroline, true to her nature, engages in calm, peaceful and wholesome-as-hell activities: painting and art are a favourite hobby, as well as creating culinary masterpieces in the kitchen… What a star!

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