Driven and enthusiastic, Chevonne’s dream of owning and operating her own small market garden pushed her to join the crew and learn the goings-on of a market garden and all that’s involved. During the summer months, Chevonne spends a lot of time helping out in the greenhouse, where her capable hands bring much-needed help for harvesting the cucumbers, tomatoes, eggplant and chillies, as well as pruning, weeding and seed sowing. Over the winter period, when the greenhouse is quiet, Chevonne hangs out with the harvest crew and churns out bunches like a train leaving the station – unstoppable! On a busy day, Chevonne is always requested at the packing shed, where she washes vegetables like a pro, packs the produce for our daily orders and often helps pack the weekly vege boxes. Wherever a helping pair of hands is needed, Chevonne is our first port of call!


Outside of working on the farm, Chevonne dedicates most of her free time running her children to and from their various commitments – not only a fantastic worker, she’s an incredible mum too! Wherever she has a spare moment, Chevonne puts a lot of time and effort into setting up her own greenhouse and garden to trial what crops grow well. If that wasn’t enough, a daily 4am start gets Chevonne to the gym for a hardcore workout before the day even begins. What an absolute machine!!

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