Farmer, Co-founder, Behind the Scenes Organiser

Dominique was drawn to market gardening after a range of wwoofing experiences throughout the country. She has been farming alongside her partner Logan since 2014, starting small on 1 acre and now living the dream owning their own 50 acre farm and managing it using the most sustainable practices available.

Dominique is the human version of a Swiss army knife; not only does she manage a lot of the farm processes from behind the desk; she has been known to help us out when the harvest list is longer than we can cope with - and I tell you what, Dom is the most amazing off-the-couch (well, office chair) super fast harvester!! Try as I might, I will never pump out more bunches of pak choi or turnips or any other crop as fast as Dominique can! In addition, Dom looks after all us humble team members - should we ever have a problem or need a change of scenery, Dominique will do all she can to provide for us! And now it's not just us: Dom has spent the last year caring full-time for little Arli (who, if he has inherited both Dom and Logan's skillset, will be a human machine!)… so not only does she own and help manage an amazing market garden that is not what one would deem small, she is the word's best mum as well!

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