Farmer, farm accounts, co-founder

Dominique is the human version of a Swiss army knife; she manages the entire operation from the office doing accounts, talking to customers, sending out emails. Basically, ensuring we have a reason to go out and pick all the vegetables. The desk work doesn't appear to have inhibited her lightning quick harvesting skills, so it always comes as a relief when we have a big day and Dominique comes out into the paddock to assist. When not in the office, she grows crops and manages the greenhouse plantings. Her crops are all those that get transplanted- think lettuce, fennel, leeks, kale, broccoli, cabbage and more.

Dominique was drawn to market gardening after a range of wwoofing experiences throughout the country. She has been farming alongside her partner Logan since 2014, starting small on 1 acre and now currently growing on 50 acres.