One does not get more kind-hearted, sweet, funny and bubbly than Eva - she is a veritable angel! Even looking at her cheerful face is enough to raise morale, not to mention the gems of conversation she brings, evoking some much needed humour! Not only is she the nicest human you’ll ever meet, Eva is an incredible harvester, churning out bunches like there's no tomorrow.
We don’t often get to keep her out in the field too long – Eva is in such high demand that she’s whisked back to the packing shed to print labels, bag all our salads and herbs, dabble with a bit of vegetable washing, or zooming off in the big chiller truck to deliver our beautiful produce into town. A speed demon for sure, but also cool, calm and collected under pressure... What more could we ask for?!
When She’s not working her butt off at the farm, Eva uses her free time for more acts of selflessness, making the most incredible cakes for friends or family with upcoming birthdays (and Eva certainly has a lot of friends, because who couldn’t love someone that wonderful?!). Aside from baking or creating culinary masterpieces, Eva loves a bit of Salsa dancing, spending time in her garden, or just having a quiet evening at home with her family!
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