James is, to put in young-person terms, the “phat carry” (sorry James, I don’t know if that is indeed the correct context or spelling – clearly I belong to an older, more grammatically correct generation…) – young, strong and willing to pull more than his weight, James is a huge asset to our team. If there are any heavy crates that need lifting, James is the man for the job; his mechanic skills have come in handy multiple times when one of our vehicles has inevitably died – he even coaxed the radio to work in one ute (and this is indeed praiseworthy!). Having grown up surrounded by hard-core organic farmers (James’ grandparents were some of the OG organic growers in Canterbury), growing food is almost second nature and is a source of interest for this young buck. Mainly working out in the field, James has proven to be competent at harvesting; covering and protecting crops with the Microclima cloth; seed sowing; helping out in the greenhouse and everything in between! James has also spent a lot of time in the pack shed, packing our weekly vege boxes, bagging, working the washline – the guy does it all!


Outside of work hours, James continues to blow our minds at the amount of physical activity undertaken: multiple hours-worth of gym workouts follow training for rugby and martial arts – having already joined the few hundred people with a black belt in karate, James is pushing is limits to get an even better ranking. With what little time is left of his spare hours, James gardens at home as well as helping his parents out with their farm.

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