It takes a certain type of person to run the greenhouse: hard-working, passionate, experienced and willing to roll with the punches that hit from time to time… and luckily for us, Jay is all of these things and more! Hailing from the distant lands of Indiana, in the US of A, we couldn’t be more glad Jay has decided to make New Zealand his home – he truly is such a great asset to our team: managing the greenhouse like it’s no big deal at all (when we all know that it is, in fact, a bloody big deal and a whole heap of hard, sweaty work!). Jay is totally at home amongst the cucumber, tomato and chilli plants, spending his days harvesting our greenhouse goodies, pruning the plants, mowing the living pathways, sowing the seeds for our future crop successions… He has, by far, the most diverse role on the farm, and yet somehow manages to complete all his daily tasks. Not only has he made the greenhouse operation smooth and efficient, we (the harvest crew) love getting the chance to help Jay out when he needs an extra pair of hands… or just a cheeky bit of banter!


Outside of running the entire greenhouse, Jay spends his time training and competing in super intense aerial sports, or hanging out in his wholesome tiny home when he gets a chance at some down time!

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