If we’re talking about powerhouses, Jen beats them all. Driven, capable, smart and, to top it all off, a brilliant sense of humour. For a manager of the pack shed, she is everything we need… and more! The shed is a hub of activity at all times – it can be overwhelming to somebody who isn’t calm under pressure and able to change plans dynamically… luckily, none of this phases Jen like it does the rest of us!
Jen does literally every role the pack shed offers: washing, packing, working on the conveyor belt grading vegetables, delivering produce and overseeing the packing of our weekly vege boxes. I mean, she certainly doesn’t get bored! And if the shed is ever quiet (which is almost never), Jen will happily put her super-efficient harvesting skills to the test and give us a hand out in the field.
When she isn’t acting as a cornerstone in the packing shed, Jen spends a of her free time showing and driving her beautiful ponies, gardening, preserving and cooking. “Busy” doesn’t quite describe Jens lifestyle!
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