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Pro farm hand

Introducing the other Schacherer, Dominique’s brother (from behind it can be very difficult to tell the two apart if there are hats involved!) who has made himself invaluable as our Jack-of-all-trades: he helped construct our greenhouses; almost single-handedly pruned all the hedgeline trees (and we have A LOT of trees out here!) to get more light to our vegetables; he hoons around on the tractor dropping off empty crates to be filled and running the full crates back to the washpad; he will sit in the paddock and harvest, uncomplainingly, whilst we talk about boring girl things. We rely quite heavily on Kyle’s help, to be honest. So, we really had to kick our butts into gear when he took a few months off to walk the Te Araroa trail (the South Island version) over February, March and April. Just casually striding over 20km of terrain, every day, for months, through wind, rain, stinking hot sun… the appropriate description for Kyle is this: a legend.

In a sense, we are all extremely grateful that Covid-19 happened: it forced Kyle home to NZ – previous to hanging out with a bunch of humble farmers, Kyle was out exploring all the good, bad and ugly that the world has to offer: he has travelled extensively, picking a new continent almost each year. One time he biked through Africa (yeah, that volatile continent with corrupt policemen, people with no fear of taking advantage of travellers, and let’s not forget the incredibly dangerous animals that won’t let a metal bike frame and a pair of sandals scare them away from an easy meal!). He spent months in Switzerland skiing, snowboarding and doing everything snow related. Of course he has been through Asia (and probably never even got Delhi Belly, knowing how tough Kyle is), and we suspected Australia would be next after his brief stop in NZ to wait out the pandemic. Luckily for us, Covid has forced him to stay (for now), and we are reaping the benefits!

In his free time, Kyle tends to be found outdoors hiking and hunting, however, he doesn’t shy away from the close confines of indoors either: cooking and preserving have apparently sucked up many hours of rainy days! We are still trying to discover if there is anything Kyle can’t do!