Farmer, Co-founder

Logan, who is rarely anywhere without his radio earmuffs, is the veteran vegetable farmer in our midst. Quite often seen zooming around in one of his many tractors, Logan manages the day-to-day operation of the farm. Be it sowing new crops; cultivating the soil; moving irrigation; helping the harvest crew; helping the greenhouse crew or helping the pack-shed crew... he does it all! While the rest of us may know what's going on in a particular aspect of farm activities, Logan holds the entire big picture in his mind - and I tell you what, it is a mighty big picture for sure! I mean, the crops need to be sown at a particular time of year, but different varieties perform best in different seasons, and don't forget the crop rotation: we cannot plant the type of species in the same place each season... and that's just a snapshot! How he manages it all I don't know!

Luckily Logan has Dominique by his side, and the two of them make the greatest farming power couple there ever was! Living here on the farm, in his spare time, Logan just keeps on farming. I have heard that he relaxes occasionally - this has never been proven though! In spite of all the work he does, Logan still manages to find the time to be an amazing dad to wee little Arli who is quickly becoming the life and soul of the party!   

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