Lucy is one of the OG Streamside crew members - she has stuck out many a cold winter and toasty summer here on the farm. More than any other team member, in fact! Originally Lucy started working part-time on the farm and running the weekend farmers market - you may remember her face from behind the table at Riccarton Bush Saturday market. Nowadays, Lucy works most days as a massage therapist, but still comes out to the farm two days a week to lend her expertise and super fast picking and packing skills! A number of times we have left the running of the packing shed in Lucy's capable hands, and, as always, she has outdone herself! 

Outside of her time on the farm, Lucy works as a massage therapist during weekdays, then spends her weekend trail running, hiking, biking, rock climbing, making amazing pottery or whipping up mouthwatering meals. Such a talented young lady, and we are so grateful to have her helping us out here on the farm!


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