If you’ve wandered down to our stall at the Riccarton Bush Farmers Market on a Saturday, you’ve probably seen and chatted to Sabine, our wonderful stall organiser. Not only does Sabine spend her Saturday mornings (and sometimes Sunday mornings, at the Christchurch City South Market) selling our wonderful produce, she spends a few mornings a week out here on the farm, so she knows exactly where your organic goodies have come from, and how much work goes into creating each and every bunch! When she is at the farm with us, Sabine spends most of her time out in the field harvesting, come rain, hail, sleet or sunshine… and the same goes for the market: no matter the weather, Sabine will be there with our delectable vegetables, fit for your consumption!


When she isn’t working on the farm, Sabine spends a lot of her time improving the auricular passages of residents in and around the Christchurch area with her ear-cleaning business. Originally from Germany, Sabine has made New Zealand her home… and what a place to call home! Living large in her tiny house, Sabine lives close to nature, spending time gardening, hiking, climbing… she’s always out on adventures!

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