The Office Man

Possibly one of the greatest all-rounders here on the farm, Seamus joined the team like the rest of us: as a humble harvest assistant. Not too long into his vegetable farming career, with a change-up of staff, Seamus stepped up to take over the role of resident office lady (thus, I suppose, changing the title to office man. Doesn’t quite roll of the tongue as well, but hey!). Since that point, Seamus has been the mover and shaker down at the shed – ironing out any kinks that may have been tripping us up, coming up with new ideas that have helped Streamside become more efficient… He is, what one might dub, a bloody legend!

With his principle role centred around taking customer orders, dealing with any issues you, as our customer might have, and responding to any queries, Seamus is the man you will most likely speak to if you felt the need to contact us. For most of us harvesters, we work with vegetables because we aren’t nearly so competent with interacting with people. So we are indeed very fortunate to have Seamus, as his customer service is damn well impeccable!

Outside of working hours, Seamus partakes in a variety of hobbies that makes the rest of us (well, me anyway) feel a bit lazy: “the usual stuff” as he puts it includes running, gardening, playing golf, going to book club and acting in a play that, earlier this year, won various awards for its excellence. Just the usual stuff, ya know?!

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